25% discount on gift cards with Perk Hero app, and Amex Offers – Canada Only

by Anshul
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It’s not often that simple promotions garner such keen engagement within the points community. If you are reading this, there is a good chance you know all about the Amex Shop Small promotion, and the Amex ‘Tap to Pay’ offers available right now. And that you have already registered each of your Amex cards, including supplementary cards to it. But do you know about Perk Hero, and how you can get your hands on some digital gift cards at an impressive discount?

What is Perk Hero?

Perk Hero is a Vancouver based technology company, founded in 2015 as an e-commerce platform for specialty brands. They also have a unique rewards program where members can earn ‘Perk Coins’ (their own digital currency) with every transaction, and can be used to redeem future purchases in their marketplace, including Gift Cards.

Perk Hero Shop Small


Perk Coins

Every purchase on Perk Hero earns Perk Coins that can be used towards future purchases in their marketplace. Users receive Perk Coins as cashback rewards every time they pay or order through the Perk Hero app. Perk Coins can also be purchased as spending credits and applied towards purchases on Perk Hero.

Perk Coins can be purchased from the Perk Hero app as credits to spend on the platform. Upon purchase of Perk Coins, the coins will automatically be deposited to your Digital Wallet and can be redeemed towards purchases on the Perk Hero app. Perk Coins can be purchased using Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, or direct payment from your bank account through Plaid integration.

Perk Hero Shop Small

Amex Offers and Perk Hero

Current Amex Offers: The ‘Tap to Pay’ offers on several American Express cards in Canada provides $5 credit statement on purchases of $20.

a screenshot of a credit card

Amex Shop Small (which ended Aug 23, 2021) is one of the most popular promotions in the points community – it allows cardmembers to support local businesses, when they Shop Small in neighborhoods across Canada. Amex incentivizes this shopping behavior by offering a $5 credit when members spend a minimum $10 at local businesses that are part of the promotion. Members can earn up to $50 in statement credits (10 transactions) on each of their Amex cards registered. Amex Shop Small promotion is across the Amex network, which includes Scotiabank Gold and Platinum cards as well.

Perk Hero Shop Small


Perk Hero app is registered as a shop small merchant. Which means all transactions completed on the app qualify for the Shop Small incentive. And Perk Hero also supports digital payments like Apple Pay, or Google Pay. 

Recall, that you can purchase Perk Coins using your credit card on the app? Perk Coins are available to purchase in denominations of $20, $50, and $100. Lets say you purchase $20 worth of Perk Coins through the app, using an Amex Card that is registered for the Tap to Pay promotionyou earn $5 statement credit, a 25% discount.

Now you have $20 worth Perk Coins in your Perk Hero account. What can you redeem this for? How about an Amazon e-gift card worth $20? In fact, Perk Hero has a great selection of digital gift cards within the Entertainment & Gaming, Retail, Restaurants, and Online Shopping Categories. Depending on your choice, you have now scored a digital gift card worth $20, by only paying $15 out of pocket. Yay 25% discount! Why stop at one card, and one transaction? How about one $20 transaction with each credit card registered for Shop Small?

Perk Hero Shop Small

I can confirm that Perk Hero transactions will trigger the Amex Tap to Pay offer ($5 on $20 purchase or $2 on $5 purchase) in Canada. They are also registered as a Shop Small merchant in Canada, for the next time the promotion comes around. And fear not, Perk Hero is more than legit, with good people in the back end, with key eye for points, loyalty programs, and incentives 🙂

Happy Shopping!


Hannah September 2, 2021 - 10:51 am

Hasn’t Shop Small ended?

Points Miles and Bling September 2, 2021 - 11:21 am

It has ended indeed. But also piggy backs into the new ‘Tap to Pay’ Amex Offer – details added to the post. Sorry for the confusion, wanted to cover both..


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