Air Canada Destination Bonus event is back

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Its back, the Air Canada Destination bonus event is a great opportunity for Aeroplan members to rake in hefty bonuses. This bonus event is especially lucrative for Air Canada frequent flyers who are yet to complete their fall and winter travel bookings.

Air Canada Destination Bonus event

Register and book by November 14, 2016 to earn bonus miles on select flights for travel  until April 30, 2017. Flights in Canada, to the U.S and Sun Destinations earn 50% –  100% bonus miles while flights to Europe, Middle East and India, South America, Asia and Australia earn up to 60,000 bonus miles. The amount of bonus you earn depends on the fare class and the frequency of the flown segments.




Important to note:

  • Only NEW BOOKINGS made between September 26th, 2016 and November 14, 2016 are eligible under this promotion.
  • Only Air Canada flights are eligible. If your itinerary includes other codeshare partners, those sectors do not qualify. Example: In YYZ – LHR – DXB r/t, only YYZ – LHR – YYZ segments flown on Air Canada qualify for bonus miles.
  • Not all flights are eligible for the bonus, make sure you check the “select flights” link within each destination offer to see a complete list. Example: For those flying out of YVR to Europe, only YVR – LHR segment qualifies.

Take away

If you are planning any travel between now and April 2017, this (until Nov 14, 2016) is good time to book and take advantage of the bonus offer. Unfortunately, all my flights until New Years were booked prior and won’t qualify for the bonus miles. It will be an interesting consideration when booking travel for January-April months, if done right this promotion can yield thousands in bonus miles. It’s fun simply calculating the possibilities 🙂

How many bonus miles you do you anticipate earning through this promotion? Share with a comment below. 

1 comment

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[…] Air Canada Destination Bonus event is back. […]


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