Promo Wars: SPG 35% off Vs Alaska 40% bonus

by Anshul
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Currently, both SPG and Alaska have impressive sales on purchased points and miles. While its tempting to purchase under both promotions, the value can be significantly different based on need and timing of purchase.

SPG 35% off Vs Alaska 40% bonus

Alaska 40% Bonus: Alaska Mileage Plan’s latest promotion of 40% bonus is available until April 9th, 2018. It is a tiered promotion with 40% bonus available on purchase of 40K miles or more. 60K miles can be purchased in one transaction (84K with 40% bonus) for for $1773 USD. A value of 2.11 cpm. Alaska does not have any restriction on the number of miles that can be purchased in each account, it is possible to purchase as many blocks of 84K miles as needed.

SPG 35% off Vs Alaska 40% bonus

84,000 miles for $1773.75, a value of 2.11CPM

Alaska miles are one of the most valuable airlines currency in the market and come with great airline partners and routing sweet spots – couple of examples;

  • Cathay Pacific from North America to Asia, oneway for 30K/35K/50K/70K across all cabins
  • KLM from North America to Middle East, oneway for 40K/70K across Econ and Business.


While this is great promotion by itself, the SPG promotion is better if you wish to purchase Alaska miles before March 16th, 2018.

SPG 35% Off : Until March 16, 2018, SPG points are available at 35% discount,  on all purchases of 5,000 or more Starpoints. You can maximize on the sale by purchasing up to 30,000 starpoints for $682.50 USD (2.275 cpp). Note that SPG limits purchase up to 30,000 per account per calendar year.

SPG 35% off Vs Alaska 40% bonus

30,000 Starpoints for $682.50, a value of 2.275 CPM

This sale can be scaled by gifting additional points to other accounts or purchasing 30K on each family members account, then transferring them to your primary account. The transfer is free as long as the address on the accounts match (30 day minimum) 🙂.

SPG points transfer 1:1 to several airline miles (including Alaska Mileage Plan) with 5K bonus on every 20K transferred. Lets assume buying 30K starpoints across 2 accounts under this promotion. That would yield 60K starpoints at 2.275 CPP. If these are then transferred to Alaska Mileage Plan, the total yield would be 75K Alaska Miles (60K +5K bonus for every 20K), a value of 1.82 CPM. A better rate than simply buying Alaska miles with 40% bonus. 

Additionally, an even better value can be had by transferring SPG to Marriott (1:3) and purchasing the Hotel+Air Marriott travel package (7 Night hotel cert + 120K miles package) and selecting Alaska for the miles.

SPG 35% off Vs Alaska 40% bonus

Marriott Travel Package: 7 Night Hotel Cert + 120,000 Miles

Take Away

If you are out in the market to purchase Alaska miles, until March 16th your best bet would be to purchase SPG points and transfer to Alaska 1:1 or transfer via Marriott travel packages. It is important to do the math for yourself, each case would differ depending on your need and timing of purchase.


Hat Tip: Comment section of OMAAT 😉



Disclaimer: My blog contains referral or affiliate links. I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your continued support.


Randy February 28, 2018 - 12:16 pm

Thanks as always for the insights. Just a heads up, Alaska is ending its relationship with KLM/AF on April 30.

Points Miles and Bling February 28, 2018 - 1:48 pm

Thanks for dropping a line Randy, much appreciated! Yes, that AS/KLM partnership is a shame..


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