Red By Dufry Statusmatch to Platinum, from most airline or hotel programs

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Dufry is an international travel retailer operating in over 50 countries and 400 locations, including airports, cruise liners, seaports, and other key tourist areas. The company offers a diverse range of products from over 1,000 suppliers, catering to the needs of travellers. Its extensive selection encompasses cosmetics, confectionery, fine wines, local foods, fragrances, rare whiskies, and high-end fashion.

Red By Dufry is a digital loyalty program designed to offer shopping and travel benefits to travellers. This program provides discounts in all participating Dufry shops, access to airport VIP lounges, and opportunities for gifts and unique experiences with top brands. The program aims to enhance the travel experience by making luxury items accessible and adding value through various perks and conveniences.

Red By Dufry loyalty program

The Red By Dufry loyalty program is structured around a tiered system, offering members a way to accumulate points through purchases, facilitating progression through different membership levels and access to more significant discounts. The program features three membership levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

  1. Silver Level: Upon first-time registration, members are automatically assigned Silver status. At this level, they receive up to a 5% discount on products in select stores and earn 5 points for every Euro spent.
  2. Gold Level: As members accumulate more points, they can advance to the Gold level. This status offers up to a 7% discount on products in select stores, while the rate of earning points remains the same at 5 points per Euro.
  3. Platinum Level: The highest tier in the program is Platinum, where members can enjoy up to a 10% discount on products in select stores. The point earning rate continues to be 5 points per Euro spent.

To earn points, members must show their QR code at the time of each purchase. These points are crucial for progressing to higher membership tiers. Once a member reaches Gold or Platinum status, this status is maintained for 12 months. Moreover, each purchase made extends the member’s status for an additional 12 months from the date of that purchase, encouraging ongoing engagement with Dufry stores.

It’s important to note that the points a member earns remain valid for one year from the registration date. The program is designed to reward frequent shoppers, with more points leading to higher tiers and, thus, more attractive benefits, including excellent discounts in select stores.

Red By Dufry Statusmatch

Suppose you enjoy shopping Duty-Free on your travels. In that case, Red By Dufry is offering a lucrative status match opportunity from various frequent flyer or hotel statuses to their most exclusive Platinum tier. If you are not a Red By Dufry member yet, sign up here and submit your status match request using the dedicated page. They have an exhaustive list of airline and hotel programs matching Platinum status. The process to request the match is straightforward and confirmed within 24 hours.

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Status Match to Red By Dufry is complimentary based on the details you have provided in the application, and any elite status upgrades will only be activated once your application has been validated—a handy status match with meaningful savings for those who like Duty-Free shopping.


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