[Video] Flight attendant captures the most orderly deplaning of a flight

by Anshul
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a group of people sitting in an airplane

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Chances are that your last deplaning experience included scores of passengers jump-up and jam the isle, as soon as the seat belt sign went off or passengers running to the front of the plane even before the seat belt sign came off. Deplaning procedures bring the worst out of humanity on most occasions. A flight attendant on a WestJet flight, Louise Vadeboncoeur, recently captured the most orderly deplaning of a flight. It is almost unreal – the time lapse video shows a clear isle throughout the procedure with passengers only getting up once the row in front of them has cleared out;



CNN reports that the passengers were oil rig workers traveling from Fort McMurray in Alberta to Calgary International Airport, on a chartered flight. Vadeboncoeur told CNN;

These men and women do this flight on a regular basis. As it blows my mind every time, I decided to film it

Even though they fly often back and forth, it still doesn’t explain how they manage to all know that this would be the perfect way to deplane in a perfect world.

That these workers know each other and travel together often, definitely helps in keeping things civil and calm. In my opinion, people are less likely to be unruly around folks they know. Clearly, this group of workers has the routine down to a work of art!

While this video gives me immense hope, don’t expect a regular commercial flight and passengers to pull this off anytime soon. There will always be that passenger who is in more hurry than the others or one that thinks standing in the aisle will somehow make the process less stressful. Oh, and the one that has 10 pieces of carry-on, all stored in several rows behind them.

If you have experienced an orderly deplaning procedure before, I would love to hear what made that possible – please share with a comment below. 


Title Image Credit: Louise Vadeboncoeur via CNN

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