500th unique take on the new Marriott program – MUST READ, of course!

by Anshul
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If your eyes and brain are not twitching with the 499 unique blogposts about the new Marriott program, let me offer you my very own – The announcement happened. It only took them 30 minutes to get to the point, before they distracted themselves to the 10th promotional video. Five people from the live audience clapped, because employment contracts. Facebook live was just as riveting with ~2K viewers at any given time while the host addressed them as ‘tens and thousands’ at every given opportunity.

FOMO is real, and the blogger community gets it, so they live tweeted every juicy detail of the event, like the seat fabric at the event and the wanderlust (read migrane) inducing videos on display.

We got you – nothing happens until August so we only have 4 months to regurgitate the new program details with great gusto. I will do my best to tell you how SPG was the holy grail of all programs but everything good must one day perish. And the credit cards, just wait till I can tell you how awesome the new Marriott credit cards will be, in my 10-part referral link series. So stoked!

300 words, just what WordPress likes. Its all about the SEO ya’ll! Must wrap up,  my twitter feed wants me to read the 35-Must-know details of the new Marriott program.


Full Disclosure: This is not the 500th unique take on the new Marriott program, there are more than 500 bloggers out there, people! And this post was not 300 words.

1 comment

DaninMCI April 17, 2018 - 5:35 am

Nice and just as informative 🙂


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