Aeroplan and Marriott Double Dip – earn up to 4 Aeroplan Points per $

by Anshul
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The Aeroplan eStore is an online shopping platform that allows members to earn and redeem Aeroplan points through everyday purchases. Aeroplan frequently offers bonus points promotions through the eStore, enabling you to earn even more points on your purchases. By simply clicking through to the partner brands’ websites, you can continue to shop as usual while earning points for every purchase. In doing so, members earn Aeroplan points towards their purchase and any points they may earn from the brand themselves. Hence, Double Dip.

Marriott International and Homes and Villas by Marriott have been part of Aeroplan eStore for several months and present a great opportunity for members to double and even triple dip. The standard Aeroplan earn rate for purchases via the eStore is 1pt/$. With the current promotion, members can earn up to 4 points/$ to book Marriott hotels by clicking the eStore link. This is in addition to the Bonvoy points they would earn for their booking. This Aeroplan and Marriott double dip demands your attention.

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Aeroplan and Marriott Double Dip
  • Up to 4 Points per Dollar on Marriott Bonvoy Properties:
    • When you book a stay at Marriott Bonvoy properties through the Aeroplan eStore, you earn 2 Aeroplan points for every dollar spent.
    • Aeroplan Elite members get an additional 2 points/$ spent
  • Up to 3 Points per Dollar on Homes and Villas by Marriott:
    • Booking Homes and Villas by Marriott through the Aeroplan eStore earns you 1 Aeroplan points per dollar spent.
    • Aeroplan Elite members get an additional 2 points/$ spent

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Note the important instructions on successful purchase through eStore;

To earn Aeroplan points, you must complete your purchase during the same shopping session you start after clicking on the eStore link. If you visit other sites before completing your purchase, use a 3rd party browser extension, or use coupons not provided by eStore, you may not earn Aeroplan points on your purchase. If you disable cookies on your computer, or decline/refuse the use of cookies on the hôtel website, you will not be able to earn Aeroplan points, as cookies are used to authenticate you and allocate points to your account. Please allow up to 90 days after check out for points crediting. Aeroplan points will not be awarded for cancelled reservations or no-shows. Sale amount does not include taxes or fees.

While this promotion offers substantial earning potential, there are specific exclusions to ensure your booking qualifies for Aeroplan points. Most special and discounted rates, including corporate codes, are not eligible. Some brand and property exclusions apply as well.


The Aeroplan eStore is a valuable tool for members looking to maximize their rewards through everyday shopping. The same principle applies to the hundreds of brands in the eStore. Clicking through the Aeroplan eStore link for Marriott bookings allows members to double dip. Don’t forget to use a Marriott Bonvoy credit card for the booking to yield even more points!


Timbo2 June 1, 2024 - 2:00 pm

Will you receive your Marriott loyalty benefits booking through the estore ? ie. late checkout, complimentary breakfast etc.

Anshul June 1, 2024 - 2:35 pm

Yep – for sure. Because the estore is asimply a redirect, your booking is done directly on Marriott. You will get all elite benefit recognition. Confirmed by AC/AP.


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