Fly Icelandair Business class to Scandinavia and EU for $1800 and earn 375% Alaska Miles! 

by Anshul
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Icelandair is back with great Business class fares to Scandinavia and Europe out of Toronto, Canada.  Business class fares from ~$2300 CAD (~$1800 USD) are available across summer months from May – August 2018.  Flying on Icelandair Business Class fares has tremendous perks – up to 375% Alaska Miles!!!

Icelandair is a Alaska partner and flying Saga Class (Icelandair Business) earns 150% miles + additional 100% bonus + up to 125% bonus miles for Alaska Elite members.

For Example: A round trip from Toronto to Helsinki will earn 8246 Base miles + 4123 Class of Service bonus + 8246 Additional Bonus + 10307 Elite bonus (MVP 75K), for a grand total of 31,012 miles!!! Note, only Base miles earned and class of service bonuses on Icelandair count toward Mileage Plan elite status.

Icelandair Business Class

Alaska Mileage Plan: Bonus miles for Elite members


Icelandair Business Class

Alaska Mileage Plan: Earning on Icelandair

Icelandair Business Class Fares for Summer

Following fares are available on several dates between May-August 2018, I searched using google flights.

  • Toronto – Helsinki: ~$2300 CAD (~$1800 USD)
Icelandair Business Class

CAD 2316 = US $1805


Icelandair Business Class

Shown in CAD. Fare availability across summer months.

  • Toronto – Copenhagen/Oslo/Stockholm/Amsterdam: ~$2500 CAD (~$2000 USD)

Icelandair Business Class cabin is equipped with standard reclining chairs and not lie-flat beds. However, that each leg is under 5 hours and also offers free stopover in Iceland with up to 375% in bonus miles, is more than a convincing factor.

Icelandair Business Class

Image Source: Icelandair

Additional Perks

Icelandair allows up to 7 night layover in Reykjavik, Iceland at no additional cost. They also run a  unique Stopover Buddy Service that allows travellers to explore the country with a local, at no additional cost.

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JBL October 5, 2018 - 9:11 am

Super-cheap Saga fares ex-Canada tend to be booked under fare code A (and not C/D/E), and AS now considers fare code A as an Economy fare, even though Icelandair calls it a bona-fide Saga fare. So mileage accrual on AS will only be 125% per their chart.

Mike December 8, 2017 - 1:27 pm

I love this post. Is it right, since I do not have elite status with Alaska, that the bonus would be 250%, 20615 miles, without elite status based on your example. I was thinking that if you booked this trip, and then added an Alaska Airlines card, which I have not had yet, you are very easily in position. about 50-55K miles, to use Alaska miles for another biz/first trip back to Europe or wherever travels take you on another Alaska partner. For me, I like to always be planning 3-4 trips out and either collecting miles or in this case, if paying for one trip helps subsidize the next, that is a win win.

Anshul December 8, 2017 - 1:47 pm

That is correct. Even without elite status you will earn 250% bonus on miles flown, which is incredible. Add a AS card and you are good for another one way business class to EU 🙂 Whats your destination for the Iceland flight?

Mike December 9, 2017 - 3:23 pm

We’re actually based in the NYC area, so we were kicking around a visit to Toronto to kick off the trip and then for destination, we have only been to Oslo, but in Winter, so ARN or HEL or even a revisit to Oslo in a warmer month would be fun. Also, we visited KEF years back and it snowed from the moment we got off the plane until we left so another visit there with better weather would be great also.

Anshul December 10, 2017 - 6:42 am

Toronto itself is an amazing destination for summer. That you can head off to Kef or hel in business class thereon is just added perk! 🙂 thanks for sharing and happy travels! Do share your experience once you are back – cheers!


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