This blog is spilling the beans on Manufactured Spending – Smart Travel Hacking

by Anshul
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Allow me to put it simply – If you like Manufactured Spending (MS) and care to scale it to millions of points, this blog is a must resource. Smart Travel Hacking (STH) does something most blogs shy away from, it openly discusses techniques to MS and is more than happy to share the tricks to scale it.

The author (likes to remain anonymous) is one of the sharpest and brightest minds in the business and has finally decided to spill it on this blog. Why anonymous? Well, when you are churning thousands of dollars and maybe walking around with equal amounts in cash withdrawals, its best to remain anonymous 🙂

If you like a deep dive, here is a sample of whats on this blog;

How to Manufacture Spend safely

Automate your AC conversion loads (shared script to automate the MS process)

And its not just about MS either, the blog does great guides on sweet award spots – here’s one for Virgin Atlantic !

Smart Travel Hacking is just getting started, and from what I know of the author, they are here to stay and may soon become the hub to MS  techniques for every travel hacker. So buckle up for a good ride, learn, decode and apply the techniques to whatever products you dabble in 🙂


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