Should you Buy Aeroplan Elite Status? 

by Anshul
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‘Tis the season! Aeroplan has targeted specific member accounts with a promotion to buy Aeroplan Elite Status, known as the “Aeroplan Status Step-Up Offer.” This offer (at least in my case) is available starting December 7, 2023, at 12:01 a.m. ET will remain valid until December 18, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. ET. Depending on when you were targeted, your deadlines and offers may vary. Important note: This promotion is exclusive to Aeroplan members who have received this offer via email and is not transferable to other individuals.

Aeroplan Elite Status

The uniform criteria used to target the offer is unclear as data points indicate it is tied to a member’s Aeroplan Elite status qualification for 2024, which varies. Information shared on Flyertalk means that the buy-up offers are similar to what we have seen in the past – prices listed in CAD and do not include taxes;

  • Aeroplan 25k: $299
  • Aeroplan 35k: $399 – $599
  • Aeroplan 50k: $999
  • Aeroplan 75k: ?? (likely not part of the promo)
  • Aeroplan 100k: Nope, definitely not part of the promo 🙂

Members who take advantage of this offer will see the Aeroplan status become effective within ten days. By the end of January 2024, members will receive an invitation via email to select their Select Benefits. This offer applies exclusively to the 2024 Aeroplan status and will expire on December 31, 2024. It is important to note that purchasing this status will not affect a member’s 2023 balance of SQM, SQS, SQD, or EDQ. If a member, having purchased the Aeroplan Status Step Up, later qualifies for the Aeroplan status based on their SQM, SQS, SQD, and EDQ balance, there will be no refund.

Also, buying elite status through this promotion does not extend the validity of E-upgrade credits or Priority Rewards. Your 2023 E-ups and Priority rewards will expire on their set dates, and you will get a chance to pick your select benefits again in 2024.

Should you buy Aeroplan Elite Status?

The easy answer is that it depends – on how often you travel, the cabin you travel in, and if you pay for revenue tickets or use points to book award travel.

  • Aeroplan 25k for $299: Having some status is better than no status, so $299 may be worth it for some members. Complimentary checked bags can be significant savings over a year. While E-upgrade credits are handy, a 25k member won’t clear the priority list unless booked in the expensive Latitude Fare. “Latitude Attitude” is an excellent marketing schtick to convince you to spend more for a chance of an upgrade. And like in casinos, the house will win most times.
  • Aeroplan 35k for $599: Again, it is better to have status than not, but the incremental value of a buy-up from 25k to 35k is not convincing. Clearing E-Upgrades will continue to be a challenge, and the wait times for Aeroplan call center remain atrocious. Priority Rewards become better at this level (North America up to Premium Economy) but require at least $4k spend to earn the benefit. And if you need a buy-up offer to hit 35k, chances are you don’t usually spend $4k annually on airfare.

    Aeroplan 35k Elite

    The buy-up offer I received – $599

  • Aeroplan 50k for $999: This may be the sweet spot for some members, as the meaningful status recognition extends beyond Air Canada to Star Alliance (Gold Status). Lounge access beyond Maple Leaf lounges becomes a reality. Your chances of clearing upgrade lists are much better, and the wait time to connect with an Aeroplan call center agent may well be under an hour (anecdotally).

If you are in the points hobby for outsized value and only travel on award tickets in premium cabins, you should get off the status wheel ASAP. Do not waste your time, money or mental energy chasing status because almost everything you are looking for comes with being in a premium cabin – priority services, lounge access, etc. Especially when it comes to 25k, 35k, or even 50k status (to an extent), the benefits overlap significantly with when you travel in premium cabins and keep a premium Aeroplan co-branded credit card in your wallet.

How do you travel, and does the buy-up offer make status benefits worthwhile? Share with a comment below. 



Steve December 9, 2023 - 8:59 am

Just a heads up that the offers appear to vary as myoffee to upgrade to 35K was only $399

Sarah Ramkissoon December 10, 2023 - 2:20 pm

Agree. My daughters was 499 for 35k. . (She has 35k this year.

Anshul December 10, 2023 - 8:57 pm

Thanks – added your data point, and a clarification that offers vary based on account. Cheers!


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