A teaser to the Welcome Bonus Offers for new Aeroplan Credit Cards – Air Canada Buddy Pass

by Anshul
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I don’t know about you, but I am jittery with excitement, for the launch of the New Aeroplan Program on Nov 8th – less than two days. Let’s go!! My excitement is two-fold, for the details of the launch of New Aeroplan Program, and the new acquisition offers for the suite of Aeroplan Credit Cards, from TD, CIBC, and AMEX Canada. While we have to wait until Nov 8th to learn about the details, Aeroplan has permitted me to share a teaser of the upcoming welcome offers for the suite of Aeroplan credit cards – Introducing Air Canada Buddy Pass, a first of its kind benefit.

Air Canada Buddy Pass

As part of the welcome offer for the new suite of Aeroplan credit cards, eligible cardholders will be able to earn a buy-one-get-one Buddy Pass on select Aeroplan credit cards. This first-of-its kind offer is an incredible value, with eligible cardholders only paying the taxes and third-party charges on a second ticket anywhere Air Canada flies in North America – including Mexico and Hawaii.

What is the Air Canada Buddy Pass?

Air Canada Buddy Pass will allow members a buy-one-get-one ticket anywhere Air Canada flies in North America, including Mexico and Hawaii. Better yet, it comes without a co-pay, enhancing the value further, where eligible cardholders will only pay the taxes and third party charges on a second ticket. As for flexibility, the Buddy Pass can be used any time within a year of issue, with no blackouts or restrictions.

Which cards will be eligible for Air Canada Buddy Pass Offer?

All Core cards and Premium cards from CIBC and TD will be eligible to earn a Buddy Pass. Entry-level cards are not eligible. The Air Canada Buddy Pass and the welcome bonuses require a minimum spend requirement to be earned. CIBC and TD cards that will include Buddy Pass as part of the welcome offer, are as listed below;

  • CIBC Aeroplan® Visa Infinite Privilege* Card

New CIBC Aeroplan Credit Cards

  • CIBC Aeroplan® Visa Infinite Card

New CIBC Aeroplan Credit Cards

  • TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite Privilege* Carda close-up of a credit card
  • TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* Carda close-up of a credit card

How the Buddy Pass Works

  1. Once the new cardholder reaches the required spend threshold, the one-time Buddy Pass will be deposited into their Aeroplan dashboard. The pass will be available for one year before it expires, though travel can be booked for a date beyond that year.
  2. The Buddy Pass will be valid for travel at any time for any economy fare, including fares on sale. No blackouts. Changes or cancellations will be allowed, according to the fare rules of the economy fare purchased for the primary traveller.
  3. If a member using the Buddy Pass is an Aeroplan Elite Status Member, their benefits and ability to upgrade are applicable, depending on status level, and if the fare purchased allows for them. No points or earnings through the use of the buddy pass will be applied toward their status.

How to use the Buddy Pass

  1. Once deposited, log into aircanada.com/myaeroplan and select the Buddy Pass.
  2. Search a travel destination anywhere in North America (Mexico/Hawaii).
  3. Choose an Economy Standard, Flex, Comfort, or Latitude fare, for two passengers.
  4. Confirm the flight and pay the fare – the fare for the companion (second ticket) will trigger $0 fare + only taxes and third-party. Enjoy the savings! Here is an example, as shared by Aeroplan;

Air Canada Buddy Pass

Personal Reflections on the Buddy Pass:

For anyone that pays cash to travel within North America (I certainly do!), the buddy pass can be a bundle of savings. Aeroplan had promised to take credit card integration in the new program to a whole new level – a Buddy Pass against credit card spend, and making it part of welcome bonus package, should appeal to potential cardmembers at all levels and lifestyles. I can barely wait to share the full details of the welcome bonuses that come with the all new suite of Aeroplan Credit Cards.



Heather November 7, 2020 - 7:52 pm

Is the buddy pass pinned to an active credit card (like WestJet) or separate/tied to the Aeroplan account (like Alaska)?

Anshul November 7, 2020 - 9:43 pm

A credit card perk that is tied to Air Canada. So more like Alaska, and how it will be displayed on the airline dashboard.


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