Lounge hopping across United Club Lounges in Newark Terminal C

by Anshul
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people standing in a line in front of a reception desk

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United Club Lounge Newark – Introduction

On a recent (Jan 2024) trip to Vegas, I spent some time at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). While my Air Canada flight from Ottawa (YOW) arrived in Terminal A, my onward flight to Las Vegas (LAS) was out of Terminal C. United Airlines offers four impressive lounge options at EWR;

  1. United Polaris Lounge – Terminal C (Review)
  2. United Club Lounge – Terminal C, near Gate C123
  3. United Club Lounge – Terminal C, near Gate C74
  4. United Club Lounge – Terminal A, near Gate A27 (Review)

I have previously reviewed the two United Lounge options, including the flagship United Polaris Lounge and the brand-new United Club Lounge in Terminal A. On this trip, I could experience the other two new United Club options in Terminal C.

United Club Lounge Newark Terminal C, near Gate C123

With a 3-hour layover ahead, I started my lounge hop at the United Club Lounge near Gate C123. It was the bigger of the two club lounges, offering niche amenities like showers for transiting passengers. The lounge is on the Mezzanine level and is open daily from 5 am to 10:30 pm.

people walking in a building

Escalator to United Club near Gate C123

The lounge’s main entrance is well-staffed, and passengers are encouraged to scan their boarding passes at the e-gates to gain access. As a First Class passenger departing the same day, I could scan my boarding pass and proceed into the lounge without any issues.

people standing in a line in front of a reception desk

United Club Lounge – Main Entrance

As I stepped into the lounge, I was greeted by a well-lit open area with a large shelf with books and artifacts as a backdrop. The water station was a centrepiece and a welcome drink before exploring the rest of the lounge.

a table with a black table and blue cups on it

Entryway to the lounge

Seating Layout and Lounge Amenities

Just to the left of the water station was a section of group seating set against the elegant solo booths against the wall. The corridor to the right was a walkway to the main lounge area as I walked past the Shower suites and restrooms. The brick-walled section to the left of the corridor was additional seating space, which included various seating options, from long communal tables to sofas, work desks and regular cafe-style sofas and chairs. With plenty of natural light in the lounge, the space looked inviting.

a group of people sitting in a room

Group Seating and Individual Booths

a hallway with white text on the wall

Hallway leading to the bar/buffet area

a person sitting on a table in a library

Lounge Seating options

a group of people sitting in chairs in a room with a brick wall

Co-working space

The customer service desk in the main lounge area was popular with passengers looking to resolve any travel interruptions or enhance their travels. The views of the tarmac and runway with New York City in the backdrop were stunning. The seating closest to the windows and the views were unsurprisingly in high demand—an AvGeek’s delight! The main lounge area was expansive and had an impressive variety of seating.

people standing at a counter in a building

Customer Service Desk

people sitting at tables in a restaurant

More Lounge Seating

a group of people sitting at tables in a large room with windows

Shared workspaces with a view

Food and Dining Options

The lounge’s food and drink options were as impressive as the seating and views. Wow, there was a complete hot buffet section, a sandwich bar, a cafe churning out handcrafted coffee, and a large central bar serving a full drinks menu! The food quality was top-notch, and the presentation was thoughtful.

people standing in front of a counter with food on it

Main Buffet Area

a food display case in a store

Sandwich and Dessert Station

a group of sandwiches on plates on a table

Sandwich bar

a group of people in a restaurant

United Club Lounge – Bar

people sitting at a bar

Bar Seating


I’m impressed. United has outdone itself with a beautiful modern lounge where style meets function. Without being overly extravagant, the lounge delivers on all critical functions—comfortable seating, great views, fantastic food and beverage choices, and plenty of staff and customer support for all passengers. While I did not personally use the shower suites or the wellness room, they remain vital amenities for transit passengers. Without hesitation, I would spend 3 hours (or more) in the lounge. But it was time to hop off to the next lounge near Gate C74, which had big expectations to fill after how impressed I was with this one.

United Club Lounge Newark Terminal C, near Gate C74

The walk from Gate 123 to Gate 74 was long, and the terminal was buzzing with people. After a brisk 15-minute walk, I arrived at the United Club lounge located at the Mezzanine level and accessed through a set of escalators. The entrance to the lounge was a familiar setup of e-gates and a service desk for those who may need human intervention to access the lounge. At first glance, this lounge seemed smaller but well-appointed with brand-new amenities.

a group of people on an escalator

United Club Lounge Newark – Gate C74

people standing in a line at an airport

Lounge Entrance

Seating Layout

The water station at the entryway was a refreshing welcome after that walk as I went to the lounge’s wrap-around layout. The lounge was busy, with most seating space occupied. I quickly walked around to get acquainted with the various seating options available. Despite the limited space, the seating capacity and the furnishing were impressive. While I would have loved more natural light in the lounge, the lighting fixtures adorned it with a chic look.

a room with a large window and a large wall

Water station at the main entryway

a group of people sitting at tables in a room with windows

Common workspaces

a group of people sitting in a waiting area

Loungers and Booth

a group of people sitting in a room with tables and chairs

More Seating space

Food and Dining Options

The extended lounge bar was the highlight and a popular spot, with bartenders curating handcrafted favourites. The bar menu included house wines and beers, which were complimentary, and premium drinks available for an upcharge. The food options in the bar were split into two sections: one dedicated to sandwiches and cheese plates, while the other was a smaller buffet of warm food options—baked chicken with onions and capers, roasted baby carrots and greens. The quality of ingredients and presentation of food was top-notch!

a group of people sitting at a bar

Lounge Bar

a cutting board with cheese on it

Cheese Board

a trays of sandwiches on a counter

Sandwich Station

a bowl of food next to a glass of water

Warm food selection


A fantastic bar setup, excellent choice of furniture, and overall lounge setup compensated for the lounge’s lack of natural light and tarmac views. United has done a commendable job with the limited space in this lounge. The presentation and quality of food and beverage service were noteworthy. The lounge was perfect for unwinding before a flight without being an aspirational destination on your lounge hopping map.

Which is the better United Lounge?

Hands down, the United Club lounge near Gate C123 is the better of the two lounges. Both lounges demonstrate elevated services, however only one offers showers, business centre, and epic views of aircraft operations. If you had to pick one between the two, take the time to walk over to C123. That said, the United Club lounge near C74 is a beautiful space with elevated food and drink offering.

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