The new United Club Lounge in Terminal A at Newark EWR

by Anshul
people standing in a line in a lobby

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United Airlines opened a United Club location in the new Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) in July 2023. In a unique co-located partnership, Air Canada (AC) is in the lounge, allowing AC passengers to access under the same rules as the Maple Leaf Lounges (MLL) network. I had the opportunity to visit the United Club Lounge Terminal A during a recent transit in EWR. While my overall impressions of the space were positive, the food was a significant letdown.

United Club Lounge Terminal A – Location and Access

The United Club is a 14,000 sqm space near gate A27, just past ‘BurgerFi.’ A set of staircases or a dedicated elevator to the mezzanine level takes passengers to the main entrance of the lounge, which is equipped with e-gates and United Staff. Air Canada passengers can also scan their same-day boarding pass to access the lounge. The United Club lounge can be accessed by Premium Cabin passengers, Star Alliance Gold members, United Club membership and One-time pass holders, as listed here.

United Club Newark EWR

United Club – Terminal A EWR


a man standing in a hallway with a sign


United Club Newark EWR

United Club Newark EWR – Main Entrance


a desks and computer screens in a room

Air Canada desk inside United Club lounge

A full-service Air Canada desk is inside the lounge, past the e-grates, to the left. The AC staff is accommodating and available to resolve various issues, from confirming flights to changing and adjusting reservations/bookings.

United Club Lounge Terminal A – Seating and Layout

The lounge features are impressive, with a variety of elevated seating options. With locally inspired design and upgraded amenities, the lounge offers more than 300 seats and plenty of recliners, couches and chairs across spaces for lounging, working, dining and socializing. On the flip side, it gets busy, and the seating around the bar and food area can be difficult.

A mural from Newark-based artist Antoinette Ellis-Williams, known for using layering through mixed media and abstract collating, welcomes all passengers to the lounge. Additional local artwork includes paintings, photographs, and prints from various regional artists.

a large painting on a wall

Featured Mural by Newark-based artist Antoinette Ellis-Williams

In addition to its modern amenities, the lounge also features a wellness room to comfort nursing parents or travellers looking to meditate or pray.

a screens on a wall

Flight information and Boarding pass printer


people sitting in a room with tables and chairs


people sitting in a room with a group of people


a group of people sitting in a lounge area


a group of people sitting in chairs in a lounge

AvGeeks that prefer views of aircraft will be disappointed as the lounge is not set right against the terminal building. Instead, it hangs over the gate area below and offers restricted views of the tarmac and aircraft at the gates.

United Club Newark EWR

Tarmac views – United Club

Unsurprisingly, the lounge’s most popular area was the seating around or at the bar, which served hand-made cocktails and various beers and non-alcoholic beverages.

people sitting at tables in a room with windows

United Club Newark – Bar/Seating


people sitting in a lobby


people sitting at a bar

United Club – Bar/Seating


a group of people sitting at tables in a restaurant

Away from the buffet and bar was a section perfect for those looking for quiet working space, with individual workstations with plenty of power outlets and USB-C ports.

a row of seats in a room

Individual Workstations


a long counter with chairs and a plant on top


a room with benches and tables


a room with a large window and a man sitting in a chair


a long counter with chairs and plants in it


a black outlet on a wood surface

Power outlets with USB-C

United Club Lounge Terminal A – Food and Drinks

The food and beverage options are where the lounge falls flat and does not meet the elevated lounge experience otherwise. While offering an array of choices, the buffet falls short of delivering a satisfying culinary experience. The absence of restaurant-quality fare is evident in the lacklustre presentation and subpar ingredients. The selection, although varied, is disappointingly mass-produced, and those with specific dietary requirements are left with limited options. The lounge’s potential to offer elevated, individualized meals remains untapped.

people standing in a line at a buffet


a row of pans of food

Scrambled Eggs, meat and potato hash


a woman standing behind a counter with food

Bread, plastic wrapped fruits, and canned fruits

a counter with different food items in it

food on a counter in a cafeteria

pre-made breakfast wraps and sandwiches


a table with different containers on it

Snack station




people standing at a counter in a restaurant

Coffee and Tea setup

The staff in the lounge is a saving grace when it comes to food and beverage service. They were attentive to the needs and did a stellar job keeping the place tidy even at the peak of lounge traffic.

United Club Lounge Terminal A – TakeAway

The United Club Lounge in Terminal A is an excellent retreat for passengers. The lounge is expansive and offers a variety of elevated seating options for all. The co-located partnership with Air Canada is a great initiative which allows AC passengers to access the lounge under MLL policies. Unfortunately, the food has a bit of catching up to do.

a entrance to a building

The United Club Lounge in EWR recently opened, one of four lounges soon to be opened to the public. The three other clubs at Terminal A—the American Airlines Admirals Club, the American Express Centurion Lounge, and the Delta Air Lines Sky Club—are expected to open later this year.

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Derek H August 12, 2023 - 11:57 am

So if you have a premium co-branded Aeroplan credit card and are flying on AC you can access this lounge?

Anshul August 12, 2023 - 12:01 pm

Yep, same rules as MLL access – so premium cards are a go as well 🙂


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