Promo Stack: Aeroplan transfer bonus and SPG

by Anshul
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Aeroplan transfer bonus

Currently, the Aeroplan transfer bonus promotion offers members a great way to convert hotel points into Aeroplan miles with up to 30% bonus miles. The promotion runs until December 12th and members can transfer as many times as needed. Based on the total points converted, the bonus can range from 20%-30%.


The hotels programs participating in this promotion are as follows;

2016-11-17_20-24-37 This Aeroplan promotion is available multiple times in a year and the beauty is in its simplicity, that it appeals to all levels of Aeroplan membership. Read on to find out how to maximize on this promotion.

SPG Promo stack

Regardless of your SPG points balance (even zero balance), this stack opportunity can be pretty sweet.  For Aeroplan aficionado’s the above transfer bonus can be stacked further with the current SPG promotion – to buy Starpoints for up to 50% off. Each member account has been targeted with a mystery discount ranging from 25% – 50% off. I would not recommend buying Starpoints under 35% discount.

However, if your account is targeted for a 50% discount (like mine is), maximize the sale at 30000 points for $525 USD, an incredible deal!





Now when you transfer to Aeroplan, for every 20,000 points SPG adds a 5,000 bonus. The 30,000 starpoints bought will transfer to Aeroplan as 35,000 (1:1) for a total of 42,000 Aeroplan miles (assuming 20% bonus) or more.

Marriott to Aeroplan via SPG

If you are a Marriott person and considering an Aeroplan transfer, it may be better to first convert your Marriott to SPG and then onto Aeroplan.

With Marriott’s takeover of SPG, and the two programs now merged, points can be transferred from Marriott–>SPG at 3:1. Link both your accounts (3 including Ritz Carlton) for seamless points transfer and even status match, here –

Below is a chart for conversion of Marriott points to Aeroplan miles, directly vs via SPG. With an exception of converting 10,000 Marriott points, converting via SPG is a better deal.

[table id=20 /]

Note: If you have more then 140,000 Marriott points, you maybe better off using Marriott’s Hotel+Air package for 5 nights. You earn 5 night hotel stay along with a chunk of miles transferred 1:1 to your preferred program (including Aeroplan!). The table below (not mine), was featured by Daraius at Million Mile Secrets  and is a great visual to the best use  of Marriott points.

Marriott Hotel Category 5 Nights + 50,000 Miles or Points 5 Nights + 70,000 Miles or Points 5 Nights + 100,000 Miles or Points 5 Nights + 120,000 Miles or Points
Category 1 to 5 165,000 Marriott Points 185,000 Marriott Points 215,000 Marriott Points 235,000 Marriott Points
Category 6 180,000 Marriott Points 200,000 Marriott Points 230,000 Marriott Points 250,000 Marriott Points
Category 7 200,000 Marriott Points 220,000 Marriott Points 250,000 Marriott Points 270,000 Marriott Points
Category 8 230,000 Marriott Points 250,000 Marriott Points 280,000 Marriott Points 300,000 Marriott Points
Category 9 275,000 Marriott Points 295,000 Marriott Points 325,000 Marriott Points 345,000 Marriott Points

Take Away

Promotion stacking is a great way to supercharge an account balance. Stacking and converting can bump the overall Aeroplan transfer bonus to 25% or even 30% level. Personally, with 50% discount on SPG points and the Marriott account merger, the timing of the Aeroplan transfer bonus could not have been better. Bonus on!

Would you be stacking or taking advantage of the Aeroplan transfer bonus?



Allan Yong November 21, 2016 - 6:34 pm

So when I am doing Air and Hotel Package to Aeroplan, do I still get 30% bonus from AE end? No one has talked about it and it would be nice to find, because then it would be TRIPLE STACK

Bling November 28, 2016 - 11:38 am

Took some time, but I was able to get confirmation from Marriott: “If you order a Travel Package reward, which includes a certificate for a seven night stay in one of our hotels and a designated number of frequent flyer miles, the miles would be treated the same as our standard mileage rewards. If the frequent flyer program you are having the miles sent to is running a bonus for conversions from Marriott Rewards, you would receive the bonus.”


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