Inside Look: PMB Meetup at YYC Hangar, an AvGeek edition

by Anshul
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PMB Meetup

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Continuing the theme of experience-based events, PMB Meetup wrapped up another successful chapter last week in Calgary. After successful events in TorontoVancouver (island hopping on seaplanes)Ottawa, and Vegas, Calgary saw an enthusiastic turnout of points and AvGeeks at The Hangar Flight Museum. The location itself was a highlight, and attendees explored the points hobby niche only an in-person event can offer. But first, the beautiful Hangar Museum;

The Hangar Flight Museum, Calgary

An idyllic setting for a group that prides itself in modern commercial aircraft knowledge, The Hangar Flight Museum was the perfect host for learning about Canadian Aviation history through adventurous stories of courage and the transformational power of flight.

Note: All details about the Museum and its aircraft were taken directly from The Hangar Flight Museum’s website, to maintain  historical facts and the integrity of the information shared;

The building that The Hangar Flight Museum calls home was originally built in 1941 as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP). The BCATP was developed to train Commonwealth airmen and women. The drill hall was one of the 7,000 buildings buibuilt-inpport by the BCATP, which graduated over 130,000 airmen, including 17,000 women from the program.

This former British Commonwealth Air Training Plan drill hall from the Second World War has been home to the ‘Aero Space Museum of Calgary’ since 1985 and has housed the Museum’s collection since. The new name, ‘The Hangar Flight Museum,’ was born in 2015 after community consultation to expand the Museum.

With so much to learn and share, the history and relevance of these three aircraft caught my attention;

Avro 652 Anson MK II

a yellow airplane in a hangar

Originally designed as a six-passenger aircraft in 1935, the design was modified in 1936 for the Royal Air Force (RAF) for general reconnaissance and transport. After the aircraft production was moved to Canada in 1940, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) used 4,413 Anson’s during the Second World War, making it the most numerous aircraft type used during the War.

North American Harvard Mk IV

a yellow airplane in a building

Considered the best pilot training aircraft ever produced, the original version of the Harvard first flew in 1935. During World War II, the RCAF used this aircraft as an advanced trainer, as the Harvard had more power and speed. While the RCAF operated the aircraft until May 1965, the Harvard served in large numbers for the South African Air Force as late as 1997.

Hawker Hurricane Mk XII

an airplane in a hangar

The Hawker Hurricane was designed in Britain in 1934 by Sydney Camm at Hawker Aircraft Ltd. During the Battle of Britain, 709 Hurricanes and 372 Spitfires successfully defended Britain against Luftwaffe attacks. More than 14500 Hurricanes were built and flew under the colors of 25 countries.

Evening at the Museum – PMB Meetup YYC

The event’s central theme was ‘Digital Tools to leverage points travel.’ The event was lucky to have the presence of Scott (Cowtool) and Andrew (Flytrippers), who joined me on a panel discussion around our theme. Without giving out details, I can tell you everything from Cowtool,, Flight Connections, Expertflyer, Bilt, and several airline Search Engine quirks were discussed impeccably.

PMB meetup

PMB meetup

Trust circles around the bar grew with stories of segment runs, First Class exploits, and winning Million Aeroplan points!

PMB meetup PMB meetup

a group of people standing around an airplane

a woman standing at a bar with bottles of alcohol and glasses

As the evening and our time at the Museum drew to a close, a good chunk of the group went to the after-party to showcase their competitive spirits at The Axe Games – a fantastic venue owned by a fellow points enthusiast Edwin. Knowing the boss has its perks, to a 50% discount 😉

Seeing that even those shy or apprehensive about throwing sharp objects went out of their comfort zones and engaged in competitive banter – loud laughs and broad smiles all around was beautiful.

PMB meetup

Always grateful and humbled by those that attend my events. Thanks to our wonderful hosts in Calgary, The Hangar Flight Museum, and Axe Games for making PMB Meetup YYC a memorable experience for everyone.

Where would you like to see the next PMB meetup held? Share with a comment below!

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