Purchase Hyatt Gold Passport points with 30% bonus

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The 30% bonus on Hyatt points purchase is back. This new promotion runs until August 31st and is a flat 30% bonus on purchase of 5000 points or higher.

Hyatt Gold Passport Bonus

The maximum points that can be bought through this promotion is 55,000 + 16,500 and costs $1320 USD.


Points on sale - min. 5,000 and max. 55,000

Points on sale – min. 5,000 and max. 55,000


The best value of this promotion is obviously at the 55,000 +16,500 level at ~1.84 US cents per mile (cpm). I value Hyatt points at ~1.7 US cpm so this promotion is not one where I would simply buy the points to fatten the account balance. However, if you have a specific use in mind, this promotion can be very handy.

Example 1:

The stunning Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome over valentines week prices at $790 USD per night or 30,000 points (Category 7 redemption). Using this promotion, you can get the same for ~$552 USD instead, a saving of 30%!



Points and Points+Cash rate for Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome

Points and Points+Cash rate for Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome


Example 2:

At the lower end of redemption, a Category 1 hotel costs 5000 points. The Park Hyatt Chennai, India is Category 1 and retailing at $105 USD/night or 5,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points. With this promotion value of ~1.84 US cpm, you can get a room at $92 USD (5000 x 1.84). That’s a saving of 13%.

$105 USD per night

$105 USD per night


Category 1 redemption at 5,000 points

Category 1 redemption at 5,000 points


Take away

Hyatt Gold Passport limits purchase of points to 55,000 per calendar year, per account, so choose your promotions wisely. These promotions are offered several times a year and I have seen it fluctuate between 30%-40% bonus. The last 40% bonus promotion was offered around this time in 2015, 2016 has seen a 35% bonus promotion that ended July 31st but none at the 40% level yet. I would not buy the points without a specific use in mind. To extract the best value, crunch your numbers and research the specific property rates/dates to determine best use of points.

Would you be making use of this promotion?

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