Review: Qantas Business Lounge Melbourne – Domestic

by Anshul
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Qantas Business Lounge Melbourne – Introduction

The Qantas Domestic Business Lounge in Melbourne was an absolute treat, as it was one of the most enjoyable domestic lounges I have experienced. I had the opportunity to visit the Lounge just before heading to my Qantas flight from Melbourne to Sydney. With the open-concept layout, excellent food and beverage options, and flush with natural light, the Lounge offered a wide variety of comforts for all preferences.

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Qantas Business Lounge Melbourne – Location and Access

The Qantas Business Lounge was past security in Terminal 1 Domestic of Melbourne Airport (MEL). The ‘Melbourne Lounge Precinct’ was the dedicated area for two Qantas lounges – Qantas Business Lounge and The Qantas Club. I took the escalators from the lobby to the check-in area for both lounges. While The Qantas Club caters to members seeking grab-and-go options, Qantas Business Lounge is a more luxurious space with a ‘full lounge experience.’ The Business Lounge is accessible to the following;

  • Qantas Passengers flying Business Class
  • Platinum One and Platinum Qantas Frequent Flyer
  • Oneworld Emerald members
  • Passengers with same day onwards connection to International flights in Business or First
Qantas Business Lounge Melbourne

Lobby – Qantas Melbourne Lounge


a person on an escalator


Qantas Business Lounge Melbourne

Check-in area – Qantas Business Lounge


a lobby of a building with a large white column and a red sign

Check-in desk – The Qantas Club

Qantas Business Lounge Melbourne – Layout and Seating

The Lounge was distinct and separated into smaller sections, allowing the space to feel much more intimate instead of one large Lounge. With sweeping views of the tarmac and gate area, plenty of natural light gave an open-concept feel to the Lounge, especially with the high ceiling accentuated by impressive overhanging light fixtures.

airplanes on a runway

View from Qantas Business Lounge


a room with a large counter and people sitting in chairs

Individual work desks and business area

The most popular spot of the Lounge was the central bar which seamlessly connected all the small sections of the Lounge and offered an impressive selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Qantas Business Lounge Melbourne

Central Bar


a room with tables and chairs

Lounge Seating

a room with chairs and tables and a large screen

a group of people sitting in a room with chairs and luggage

Varied seating options in Lounge

Qantas Business Lounge Melbourne – Food and Beverage

Personally, the highlight for me was the food in the Lounge, especially the Spice Bar – a live station serving personalized noodles and rice dishes. Equally impressive was the selection of vegetarian/vegan options in the Lounge, which was not relegated to cold salads and dips.

The ‘All Day Dining’ section served;

  • Tomato and mascarpone soup
  • Chilli con carne with steamed rice
  • Vegetable Wheat noodles
a kitchen with food on the counter

Hot/Cold food section


a food on a counter

Salad Bar

The Spice Bar menu includes;

  • Lions Head Meatballs (狮子头) with Ginger and Chilli Sauce
  • Spicy Yu Xiang  Eggplant (鱼香茄子) with Wood Ear Mushrooms
Qantas Business Lounge Melbourne

Qantas Business Lounge – Spice Bar

While I loved the freshness of the pork meatballs, my favourite was the spicy eggplant with wood ear mushrooms. The food served at the Spice Bar was better than restaurant-quality meals, and I could have quickly done seconds and thrids if not for the upcoming business class flight where I wanted to sample some food as well.

two plates of food on a table

Lion’s head meatballs and Spicy Eggplant with mushrooms

Although not photographed, a Gin&Tonic was my preferred compliment to the flavourful food.

Qantas Business Lounge Melbourne – TakeAway

Shortly after enjoying the lovely meal, it was time to board our flight from Melbourne to Sydney – my first domestic flight in the country. And what a beautiful start it was with a visit to the Qantas Business Lounge, which was more than just a refuge from airport crowds. The unique design and setup of the Lounge truly make each section feel like being in a new space. The elevated food and beverage offering in the Lounge makes it a must-visit, something I look forward to returning to.

a plane parked on a tarmac

Qantas A330-200

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