Buy Aeroplan points with a 50% discount

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Aeroplan’s latest points purchase promotion starts today and is of decent value. Members can buy Aeroplan points from June 7 – June 18 with a 50% discount. At a 50% discount, Aeroplan members can purchase points for 1.75 cents per point (not incl taxes).  Although not the lowest price point, the rate is good for those seeking a top-up toward a specific redemption. Let’s look at the details and various price points;

Buy Aeroplan Points with a 50% discount

Promotion Link to Aeroplan points purchase

Buy Aeroplan Points

  • Buy 6,000–34,000 points, and get a 30% discount
  • Buy 35,000–70,000 points, and get a 40% discount
  • Buy 80,000+ points, get a 50% discount


Buy Aeroplan Points

With a 50% discount, members can buy Aeroplan points for 1.75 cents per point (CPP). My conservative valuation for an Aeroplan point is 2.0 CPP, which makes 1.75 CPP a reasonable price point, especially for those that want to redeem on international routes in premium cabins. While it’s difficult to pinpoint a set value for Air Canada flight rewards due to dynamic pricing, partner flight rewards offer consistent value. Few examples;

Members can buy or gift up to 500,000 Aeroplan points (per transaction) for this promotion. The annual limit to buy points remains at 1 Million points, while the yearly limit to gift points remains at 500,000. Note that bonus Aeroplan points awarded through this Offer do not count towards the transactional limit of Aeroplan points that can be bought per Aeroplan account.

Buy Aeroplan Points – Credit Cards to Consider

Aeroplan points purchase transactions are processed by and will not code as a travel purchase, so it is best to use a card that offers the highest return on standard daily transactions. Purchases with Canadian cards will be subject to sales tax and may further erode the value of 1.75 CPP.  However, purchases with U.S.-based cards with a U.S. billing address are not subject to sales tax, which makes them the best option for Aeroplan points purchases.

For those not in a hurry to purchase Aeroplan points, a better way to earn them would be through the credit card bonuses offered by Canadian Credit Cards. American Express Canada offers some of the best cards with transferrable points, which convert to Aeroplan at a 1:1 ratio. Amex Canada also offers Aeroplan co-branded cards that earn Aeroplan points as the primary currency.

Buy Aeroplan Points – TakeAway

While I cannot advise that everyone must buy through this promotion, a purchase price of 1.75 CPP makes it a good time to top-up accounts toward a specific plan, including meeting spending requirements on new credit cards.

Are you buying?

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