ANA Business Class Meal Extravaganza: A 22-Hour Culinary Journey

by Anshul
a plate of food on a tray

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ANA Business Class Meal – Introduction

Indulging in an All Nippon Airways (ANA) Business Class cabin on my return from Australia to Canada via the US was a culinary voyage I cherish. Despite not finding a favourable route to experience ANA’s new business class seats, ‘The Room,’ I was happy to lock in 22 hours on ANA for the elevated onboard service that sets the airline apart. I flew ~10 hours from Sydney (SYD) to Tokyo, Haneda (HND), and another 12 hours from HND to Chicago (ORD).

ANA’s dedication to transforming the in-flight meal into a remarkable dining affair was evident throughout the 22-hour journey. Aptly termed “Connoisseurs,” ANA’s culinary team orchestrated exquisite flavours showcasing their mastery of gastronomy. From carefully curated appetizers to main courses that merged innovation with tradition, every bite was a luxurious experience.

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ANA Business Class Meal Extravaganza: A 22-Hour Culinary Journey

ANA Business Class Meal – SYD to HND on Boeing 787

My first leg of the journey was from SYD to HND on ANA’s 787. The business class seats onboard were pretty basic and nothing to talk home about.

ANA Business Class 787

ANA Business Class Seat – Boeing 787, SYD-HND

However, the in-flight service and food were on a different level altogether. ANA continues to nail this aspect and, quite honestly, makes the older business-class cabin still worthwhile. The meal service on this 10-hour day flight included two meals and an ‘on-demand’ menu. ANA famously offers seasonal menus with two distinct passenger options: Japanese Cuisine and International Cuisine. While the international Cuisine is good, it pales compared to the food quality and presentation of the Japanese Cuisine – my preferred option each time I have flown ANA. The Amuse course is standard for both cuisines.

ANA Business Class Meal

Amuse: Beef Bresaola Canape, and Caprese

The Japanese Cuisine (Wakoshu) includes a selection of small dishes (Zensai and Kobachi), a Main course (Shusai), and a dessert course. While I won’t give you pretentious adjectives to describe flavours, I can attest that the 5-course meal was immaculate in taste and presentation. It tasted better than it looked and looked better than anything I have been offered 40,000 ft in the air.

ANA Business Class Meal

Japanese Cuisine (Washoku): Zensai and Kobachi

a bowl of food on a plate

Kobachi: Chilled Poached Pork with Sesame Dressing

a bowl of food on a table

Zensai: Seared Tuna Salad with Onion Dressing; Kobachi: Smoked Duck and marinated Spinach in Soy based sauce

a tray with food on it

Shusai (Main Course): Marinated Seabream with steamed rice, Miso soup and Japanese pickles

a cup of tea and dessert

Dessert: Strawberry Cake with Green Tea and Chocolate

After completing this delectable meal, I decided to skip the meal just before landing and refrained from the on-demand menu. I wanted to pace myself to the fresh Ramen bowl in the ANA lounge in Tokyo-Haneda.

ANA Business Class Meal – ANA Lounge Tokyo Int’l (Haneda)

The ANA lounge in Terminal 3 is located near gate 110. While the lounge offers an expansive food & drinks menu, I visited with a single-minded focus on enjoying the Noodle Bar in the lounge. The lounge was bustling, with a small lineup at the door and not very many seats available during day-time;

a sign in front of a building

Caution: Crowded ANA Lounge

a counter with noodle bar signs

Noodle Bar – ANA lounge (Haneda)

a bowl of soup with meat and vegetables

Ramen with Prok Broth

The Ramen hit the spot, and I appreciated its smaller portion size – a perfect snack! Given the busy lounge, I returned to the terminal for much-needed steps before the next 12-hour flight to Chicago.

ANA Business Class Meal – HND to ORD on Boeing 777

Much like the earlier flight, the business class seats on the ANA 777 to Chicago were good but basic.

a seat with a pillow on it

ANA Business Class: B777-300, HND – ORD

Instead of Champagne, I started this leg of the journey with a refreshing ANA Original – the Aromatic Kabosu, a green citrus fruit drink with a perfect balance of sour and sweet (honey).

a glass of liquid and a napkin

Kabosu (Citrus) Juice

ANA now offers 34 Japanese sake brands for service onboard and at ANA lounges. I loved the hand-basket sake service onboard and tried out some of the flight attendants’ recommendations.

a group of bottles in a carrier

ANA Japanese Sake service

As for the meal service, this 12-hour flight also included two meals and an on-demand menu. And yet again, I chose the Japanese Cuisine (Washoku), a 5-course dinner after the Amuse course.

a plate with food on it

Amuse: ANA Signature Stick, with Pickled Daikon, Yuzu & Chicken

ANA Business Class Meal

Japanese Cuisine (Washoku): Zensai and Kobachi

a hand holding a menu

Washoku prepared by Okuda – Restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo

a plate of food on a stove

Shusai: Simmered Spanish Mackerel in Soy-based sauce with Steamed Rice, Miso Soup, and Pickles

a cup of tea and dessert

Strawberry & Pistachio Cake, with Green Team and Chocolate

I was incredibly full after this meal and chose to walk the length of the flight a couple of times before settling down for some shut-eye. Once again, I decided to skip the pre-arrival meal and opted for the IPPUDO Ramen from the on-demand menu – a must. How do they get the noodles so perfect, inflight?!

a bowl of soup and chopsticks on a tray

IPPUDO plant-based Ramen

The welcome gluttony had concluded, and I can confidently say it – zero regrets. ANA’s Business Class meal service is all-class.

ANA Business Class Meal – Takeaway

ANA’s Business Class meal service transcended the limitations of air travel, so exquisite that I will compare all Japanese food on land, hereon, to my in-air meal experience. Yet, the disparity between the elevated meal service and the aging cabin reminded me that ANA’s journey towards excellence must encompass both the plate and the seat, ensuring that every passenger experience soars to the same heights.


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Leon August 26, 2023 - 7:13 pm

JL needs to also have the ramen /noodle snack served in a bowl.

DenB® August 26, 2023 - 9:53 am

What a great way to bring us along, when the seats and cabin don’t offer any bling! Thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Raises the question: how much can hard product compensate for soft product (and vice versa)?

Anshul August 26, 2023 - 10:15 am

Thanks, DenB – always nice to hear from you. Great question. The soft product can mask the hard product, but not vice versa. That said, the hard product has to meet some comfort threshold before you can overlook it with soft service.

P.S – am stealing this question for the live stream today 🙂


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