How to score Uber promo code in new cities

by Anshul
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Uber has been on the wrong side of public opinion for a while now. However, I do like their product and continue to use them as my primary transportation option, especially in new cities. Over the years, I have discovered an easy marketing pattern to score uber promo code when traveling.

Scoring Uber promo code

As Uber continues its aggressive expansion around the world, passengers at airports seem to be their prime target for marketing campaigns. When I arrive in a new country/city, I connect my phone to the airport WiFi and switch my cellular network ON (keep cellular data and roaming OFF). I open the uber app and let it interact with my phone through the wifi/cellular network. More often than not, Uber picks up my International SIM/phone number and that I am at the airport. This triggers any country/city specific campaigns Uber maybe running at the time, I get notified by email or in-app message right away.

Most tourists are quick to buy a local SIM card and switch their networks ON only with the new local SIM. This may or may not trigger specific Uber campaigns at airports. The key is to open Uber app and letting it determine your location. I have had more success getting uber promo codes via international SIM to begin with.

I successfully used this technique to score uber codes (ones that I remember) in several cities in Canada, US, Russia, South Africa, Kenya, India, UK, France, Vietnam and more.

Uber Promo code in Mumbai

I arrived in Mumbai yesterday and to my surprise received ‘welcome’ Uber codes AGAIN. I visit Mumbai several times a year to visit family and had assumed that Uber would target only numbers that are ‘new’ to their system. Not the greatest offer I have received from Uber, but something is better than nothing 🙂

Uber promo code

Uber promo code

Welcome to Mumbai – Uber code

If you plan to be in Mumbai, try and use the code ‘Welcome25’.

Take Away

The idea is to trigger any promotion campaigns you maybe eligible for, before switching to a local SIM. In some cities it only works when your international cellular network (not data) is switched ON or after the first uber ride in the city.  If you haven’t done this yet, give it a try, may end up saving you some money! Last but not least, if for some reason you haven’t tried Uber yet – my invitation link can get you started with a free ride.



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