Updates on Air Canada’s new loyalty program (2019)

by Anshul
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Air Canada has finalized its acquisition of Aeroplan and confirmed some key benefits members can look forward to.

  • Aeroplan miles will be honored on a one-to-one basis in Air Canada’s new loyalty program, set to launch in 2020. (Although they haven’t confirmed if the award charts would remain unchanged as well. Unlikely, imo as I argued in my post about Air Canada rumors and gossip)
  • Altitude status and privileges will remain unchanged.
  • TD, CIBC and American Express will continue to offer Aeroplan earning credit cards

All the updates above are positive and should garner a lot of confidence among its customer base. Through a media release, Air Canada also confirmed that it has undertaken rigorous consultation with ~30,000 customers to identify key attributes for the new program. Following is what the customers care about the most (according to Air Canada);

  • The best reward value for Air Canada flights, plus, unparalleled access to travel on over 40 partner airlines, including the Star Alliance global network;

  • Canada’s best travel rewards credit cards, offered by TD, CIBC and American Express;

  • More ways to earn and redeem points for travel, upgrades, experiences, on-board product and everyday indulgences;

  • An improved experience when traveling with friends and family;

  • Everything Air Canada has to offer in one place, with a new digital experience.

Link to detailed Air Canada News release

Take Away

Things are looking up, so far. Members don’t need to worry about their miles expiring with the new program, now they can look forward to a 1:1 treatment of their balance, in the new program. No word on the award charts yet, so that makes me think it was intentionally left out of this announcement. There is lots of time between now and June 2020, am sure lots more to come in term of updates. That American Express will continue to be a partner in the new program is amazing as well.


Featured Image Source: Air Canada


Christian January 10, 2019 - 1:01 pm

The Marriott merger started off very auspiciously as well. I’m a little leery about corporate promises at this point.

Points Miles and Bling January 10, 2019 - 1:09 pm

Your skepticism is not out of place. Often, what is left out of the announcement speaks more than what is included. They will have to talk about the award chart at some point..


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