Great Business Class Fares: North America to Central/South America, starting $540

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I am seeing some great Business Class Fares from US and Canada to Central and South America, starting at $540 USD. The availability is excellent from January – November 2018, across all cities. Its easy to search these fares on Google flights and book directly with the airline. Not sure how long these fares would last, if you have a trip planned these fares are not to be missed!

Business Class Fares to Central America cities

  • Montreal – Guatemala City: $677 CAD (~$540 USD) Copa
  • Toronto – Guatelmala City: $793 CAD (~$635 USD) Delta
  • New York – Guatemala City: $685 USD Avianca


  • New York – Mexico City: $885 USD Aeromexico
  • Montreal – Mexico City: $916 CAD (~$730 USD) AC/UA and AA
  • Toronto – Mexico City: $1095 CAD (~$875 USD) AC/UA and AA


  • New York – Panama City: $793 USD Avianca
  • Toronto – Panama City: $993 CAD (~$790 USD) United
  • Montreal – Panama City: $1015 CAD (~$810 USD) Delta

Business Class Fares to South America cities

  • New York – Quito: $860 USD Avianca
  • Toronto – Quito: $1215 CAD (~$970 USD) Avianca/Copa


  • New York – Bogota: $793 USD Avianca
  • Toronto – Bogota: $1250 CAD (~$1000 USD) Delta


  • New York – Lima: $831 USD Avianca
  • Toronto – Lima: $1397 CAD (~$1115 USD) Avianca/Copa


  • New York – Buenos Aires: $1606 USD Avianca
  • Toronto – Buenos Aires: $1864 CAD (~$1490 USD) Copa

Note most of these routes have business class cabins with standard recliner seats only. Regardless, these great business class deals and one that can fetch lots of bonus miles, depending on the loyalty program you credit the travel to. If you are unsure which program will fetch the most, you can do a quick search on Where to Credit

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