Closer Look: New TD Aeroplan Credit Cards and Air Canada Benefits

by Anshul
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The pre-launch of the New Aeroplan Program on August 11th came with announcement of new credit card portfolio comprising TD, CIBC, and AMEX cards. In addition to a power-packed portfolio, the new Aeroplan program is taking credit card integration to a whole new level, with exclusive card benefits catering to members at all levels and lifestyles. While banks are scheduled to start notifying existing customers of new card features the week of August 24th, new acquisition offers are expected to roll out with the soft launch of the new Aeroplan program on Nov 8, 2020.

The refresh of new TD Aeroplan Credit Cards is exciting to say the least, card art included. The refresh and rollout of the products come with a list of key details for existing customers;

  • All miles earned by existing customers will transform to the new Aeroplan program and will be honoured on a one-to-one basis
  • Cardholders can access new and enhanced airline benefits that they and their Additional Cardholders can share
  • The increased Annual Fee (on applicable cards) will be charged on the next anniversary date, on or after November 8, 2020
  • Current Cardholders can continue to use existing Card and the changes will take effect automatically on November 8, 2020. Newly designed replacement Card will be sent to existing customers at a later date

The refreshed portfolio of TD Aeroplan Credit Cards will consist of three consumer cards and one business card, as follows;

    • TD®Aeroplan®Visa Infinite Privilege* Card
    • TD®Aeroplan®Visa Infinite* Card
    • TD®Aeroplan®Visa Platinum* Card
    • TD®Aeroplan®Visa* Business Card

Each card comes with select benefit package, and targeted at specific type of consumers. Lets take a comparative look at the New TD Aeroplan Credit Cards, for features that take effect on Nov 8, 2020;

*Side Scroll to see full list*

[table id=76 /]


Personal Reflections:

It’s evident that the best benefits and perks have been packed into the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege card, but that it comes with a $599 CAD annual fee may be steep for some members. The core benefits of the card match the benefits that come with TD Aeroplan Visa Business Card, however, the Aeroplan benefits is where the business card pales. TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege card is squarely targeted at the frequent flyer that wants to roll in style and share the benefits with additional cardmembers. Core TD customers with all-inclusive accounts, that do not care for Air Canada benefits, may find the sweet spot in the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite card, with a full annual fee rebate on the table, and a strong core benefit package to accompany. I have no doubt that TD has some stellar acquisition offers in the pipeline, one that will make this comparison even more compelling. This year, Christmas may be in November 🙂

If you had to make a pick, which card would you choose? Share with a comment below!


teddy August 26, 2020 - 7:12 pm

What’s the Travel Medical Insurance for the Visa infinite card? I assume it’s gonna be less than 31 days?

Points Miles and Bling August 27, 2020 - 10:59 am

Travel Medical Insurance: coverage for up to 31 days for Cardholders under age 65

TIM August 21, 2020 - 7:10 pm

Your first sentence should say “Canadian citizens only”. I just read this whole thing before I figured that out.

Anshul August 21, 2020 - 7:16 pm

Thanks for the feedback Tim. AP credit cards for US folks is coming shortly as well. Bookmark this post so you can compare and contrast with Canadian products. Will add a tag up top in future posts. Cheers!


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