Hilton 100% bonus – Purchase points at 0.5 CPM!

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Hilton is kicking off the year with a 100% bonus on purchase of 10K points or more. This is as good an opportunity to top up accounts towards a redemption or buy points outright for a planned stay. Hilton 100% bonus is available until February 26, 2019.

HILTON 100% bonus on points purchase

Purchase Hilton Points with 100% bonus


Hilton 100% bonus

Note that you can purchase up to 80,000 Hilton Honors Points in a calendar year. Since you can combine points across household accounts, you can choose to purchase as many sets of 80K points you wish, technically speaking. I value Hilton points at 0.6 CPM and this promotion yields 0.5 CPM, a good value! Purchase of 80K points would yield a total of 160K points for $800.

Hilton 100% bonus

Highest category Hilton redemption can range between 80K-95K per night, so you will need a bucket load of points to make good use at aspirational properties. There is also incredible value to be had when redeeming low-mid tier category hotels in the Hilton portfolio. Remember, the ‘5th night free’ benefit which can add another layer of savings.

‘Million Mile Secrets’ did a good feature on best uses of Hilton points, and also worth reading is The Points Guy’s 8 Hilton properties that make for awesome award redemption.

Hilton 100% bonus on purchased points @0.5 cpm is as good a sale but please do not buy without a use or plan in mind.

And if you have made it this far, it’s also worth noting that Hilton’s Status Match and Challenge is now available through March 2020. Good luck!


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