Hyatt 40% bonus on points purchase and 16% discount on Gift Cards

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Promotions offering bonus points on purchase are coming in thick and fast, Hyatt 40% bonus on points purchase is back! The offer is available for purchases made between July 12th and August 9th, 2017.

Hyatt 40% bonus on points purchase

Bonus is tiered with 30% additional points with purchase of 5000-9000 points and 40% bonus on purchase of 10,000 – 55,000 points in a single transaction. Purchase can be made in increments of 1000 as needed.

Hyatt 40% bonus

You can buy 10K (+ 4K bonus) points for $240 USD at 1.71 Cents Per Point or maximize the promotion by buying 55K (+22K Bonus) for $1320 USD, again at 1.71 cpp. This is good value to top up your accounts for an upcoming stay or buy up to 77K points for a high end redemption.

In my opinion, the best use of these  purchased points is at lower category redemptions. A quick look at one of my favourite tools by reveals plethora of Cat1-2 hotels in North America (and around the world).

Hyatt 40% bonus

For example: Hyatt Regency Montreal is a Cat 2 redemption where a standard room is available for 8000 points (@ 1.71 cpp = ~$184 CAD) or 4000+$77 CAD (@ 1.71 cpp = ~$169 CAD). The retail price for the same room (refundable rate) is listed at $239 CAD. You are better off buying the points and using a cash+points rate, in this case a savings of ~30%.

Hyatt 40% bonus

Hyatt Regency Montreal, Retail Price: $239

*Quick Tip: Use Corp Code 51440 to search for Points+Cash rates*

Hyatt 40% bonus

Hyatt Regency Montreal – Category 2 redemption at 8000 points or 4000+$77 CAD

Hyatt 40% bonus on points purchase is as good a public offering I have seen this year, I would recommend buying with a specific use in mind. Especially if you want to redeem at lower category properties, there are some hidden gems in Cat 1-2 group.

Hyatt Gift Card: 16% off

I am always on the lookout for an opportunity to stack bonuses and sales – CardCash has lots of Hyatt eCards on sale at ~16% off. A good deal to snap a few for stays in US and Canada. In the example above, I could buy a specific amount and use the discounted cards to pay taxes and incidentals for my Hyatt Regency Montreal stay. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing through CardCash far in advance, quick buy and use is the way to go here.

Hyatt 40% bonus

Hyatt e-Gift Cards on sale – 16% discount

Caution: While I have largely had positive experience with CardCash, there are several user reports of fraud with discounted Hyatt gift cards. In my experience, CardCash eCards have been easy to use in most US/Canada properties, and in one case resulted in a 50,000 point compensation from Hyatt!!

Disclaimer: My blog contains referral or affiliate links. I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your continued support.

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