That was easy! I shared my first Aeroplan Status Pass, here is how it went

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Last week, Air Canada formally rolled out Aeroplan Status Pass, one of the new program features that was announced with the rollout of the New Aeroplan program, in 2020. Air Canada is the first airline to bring this unique perk to its members, furthering their commitment to share Elite benefits with friends and family. Yesterday, I successfully shared my first status pass with a work colleague, the process was simple and easy to track. Lets take a look at the details of Aeroplan Status Pass, and how members can earn and redeem this benefit.

Aeroplan Status Pass – What is it?

Status Pass enables members with Aeroplan 50K Status and above to share elite benefits with their friends and family members, when they’re not traveling with them. Starting March 2021, elite members are able to use a ‘Status Pass’, to share the following premium travel services with friends and family, for the entire journey;

  • Complimentary Checked Baggage – 3 bags, up to 32kg/70lb each
  • Priority Check-in – when departing on AC flights
  • Priority Baggage Handling – when checking in with AC
  • Priority Security Clearance – at select airports, when departing on AC flights
  • Maple Leaf Lounge access
  • Priority Airport Standby
  • Priority Boarding – Zone 2 boarding

Cherry on top, Status Pass can be extended to up to 9 people on the same reservation. Status Pass does not confer benefits, such as Star Alliance Gold recognition, when traveling with airline partners.

Needless to say, a Status Pass will be best used by a traveller who does not have any elite status themselves, and is flying a non-premium cabin.

Earning Aeroplan Status Pass

Since January 2021, eligible Aeroplan Elite Status members have been able to choose Status Pass as one of their Select Benefits:

  • 50K members can choose 2 passes
  • 75K members can choose 3 passes
  • Super Elite members can choose 4 passes

Super Elite members also receive 2 Status Passes as a core benefit each year, above and beyond those they can choose as one of their Select Benefits. Air Canada has also confirmed the following exciting news;

By extension, exclusively for 2021, we are awarding a single Status Pass to all Aeroplan 50K and 75K members, and 2 for Aeroplan Super Elite members.

I can confirm that as a Super Elite member, my status passes were added to my Aeroplan account the day of the announcement – March 11, 2021.

Redeeming Aeroplan Status Pass

Status Passes can be applied on any reservation, including flight rewards, so long as at least one flight is operated by Air Canada, Air Canada rouge, or Air Canada Express. Benefits will apply to all travellers on the reservation, for all directions of travel. Status Passes will be considered used as soon as one Air Canada flight on the reservation has been flown. However, in advance of that, members have significant flexibility:

  • Members can “revoke” an unused status pass that has been awarded, so long as it is done at least six hours prior to travel. It will automatically be returned to the member’s account
  • If a reservation including a Status Pass is changed, the Status Pass will continue to apply so long as at least one Air Canada-operated segment remains on the reservation. Otherwise, assuming travel has not commenced, it will automatically be returned to the member’s account
  • If a reservation including a Status Pass is cancelled, the Status Pass will be returned, unless travel has already commenced. If travel has not commenced, it will automatically be returned to the member’s account

Yesterday, I had the chance to use my first Status Pass, for a colleague. The entire process was intuitive, and surprisingly easy;

    • From my Aeroplan dashboard, under the Benefits tab, I accessed the Status Pass portal – which confirmed the number of passes in account, and the details I needed from my colleague to share the pass.

Aeroplan Status Pass

    • Upon entering the Booking Reference and Last Name on reservation, I was immediately presented with a confirmation that the pass was sent. I could also see the ‘Sent’ section indicate a status pass as ‘Pending’;

Aeroplan Status Pass


Aeroplan Status Pass

    • In a few minutes the status of the pass changed from ‘Pending’ to Confirmed, with basic details of my colleagues upcoming trip. At this time, I was also given access to ‘Revoke’ the pass if I wanted (so long as it is done at least six hours prior to travel). I did not test the revoke feature, as it would be cruel on my unsuspecting colleague 🙂

Aeroplan Status Pass

Aeroplan Status Pass – Take Away

All Status Passes for the year expire year-end on Dec 31st, and must be assigned to an existing reservation before that. Kudos to Air Canada for committing and delivering this fantastic feature, one every Elite Member would appreciate. Add to it a simple and intuitive interface, this is one for the ‘Win’ column. The joy of sharing perks of hard earned Elite Status is unparalleled, and I am excited to use the remaining passes in my account, with friends, family, and colleagues, who would otherwise not have experienced the elite services on offer.

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