WestJet chatbot confused with positive review, sends customer to suicide prevention site

by Anshul
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In August, 2018,  WestJet introduced their AI chatbot named Juliet – a digital travel assistant to help customers via Facebook Messenger. While Juliet is busy “learning the ropes”, there are bound to be some mis-steps. Here’s a gem;

A WestJet customer wanted to share a positive review  after a ‘above and beyond’ service in-flight.  She sent the following message via Facebook Messenger;

“Shout out to the crew member on my flight today … who helped me take care of a plant cutting by breaking out her own duct tape and helping me make a protective case to get a new succulent home,”

Juliet’s response;

“We take these comments very seriously, If you’re having these thoughts, please reach out to the Canada Association for Suicide Prevention, You can find your local hotline at https://suicideprevention.ca/. In emergency, please call 911.”

Ha! Clearly, Juliet has a long way to go. Let’s hope it survives a performance review 😉

On a positive note, the WestJet customer assured CBC News that she was not suicidal.

New Source: CBC Calgary

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