Beta launch – Air Canada meal pre-order service is now available on select routes

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Air Canada Meal Pre-Order

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Passengers paying a premium for their tickets expect a higher level of service and attention to their needs, including meals onboard. Air Canada has just taken a significant step towards personalizing the dining experience of their premium passengers. The new Air Canada meal pre-order offering (beta) will enable passengers in Signature Class and Premium Economy to pre-select a main course option 30 days prior to and up to 72 hours of flight departure.

Air Canada Meal Pre-Order

The initial launch will begin with Air Canada flights departing Toronto to the four destinations in South America, for customers in Signature Class and Premium Economy;

  • Bogota
  • Lima
  • Santiago
  • Sao Paulo

This beta phase is expected to gradually expand through 2023, with a goal of including all Canada-outbound flights by year-end.

Air Canada Meal Pre-Order

Within 30 days of departure, customers on eligible flights will receive an email inviting them to pre-order their meal. In this timeframe meal selection may also be accessed through My Booking on or ‘Trips’ in the Air Canada app. Meal selection, and the ability to update a previous order, will be available up to 72 hours before departure.

Air Canada Meal Pre-Order

Efficient and Personalized Service

As a feature, pre-ordering meals is not new for the industry as several airlines have offered this service to their premium passengers over the years. Offering pre-order options for meals in business class is an important aspect of providing a high-quality and personalized service for passengers. It shows that the airline is attentive to their needs and willing to go above and beyond to provide a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. And I am glad to see Air Canada enter the exclusive club of airlines that offer this perk.

Pre-ordering meals will allow passengers to choose from a wider range of options, catering to their dietary needs and preferences. This is especially important for those with food allergies or restrictions, who may otherwise have limited options on board. Offering pre-order options also reduces food waste, as airlines can better anticipate the number of meals needed and avoid overstocking. This is not only more environmentally friendly, but also reduces costs for the airline.

Most importantly, pre-ordering meals can significantly improve the meal service onboard, as the crew can prepare and serve meals more efficiently. This allows passengers to have more time to work, or relax during their flight.

With the pandemic having caused a significant shift in passenger behavior and preferences, airlines must adapt to ensure the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of their customers. Air Canada Meal pre-order is a step in the right direction, showing that they are listening to their customers and striving to provide them with a personalized experience.

Have you used meal pre-order service on other airlines? Share your experience with a comment below! 

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