Freebies for Kawhi Leonard keep coming, Barbados adds an ultra-luxury vacation!

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As far as Toronto Raptors fans (every Canadian at this point) are concerned, Kawhi Leonard can walk on water, part the seas, make the ball kiss the rim (four times), and beat the clock to a NBA finals. The true King of the North. As he embarks on game 6 of the series (3-2 to Raptors), the freebies for Kawhi Leonard keep coming.

For those not following, or jumping on the bandwagon like me, Kawhi becomes a free agent at the end of this season and Toronto is leaving no stone unturned to convince him to sign another deal with the Raptors. Will he say Yes?! NBA meets The Bachelor. 

Freebies for Kawhi

Source: Toronto Raptors (@raptors)

Travelweek reports that Barbados tourism have offered Kawhi an ultra-luxurious vacation, which includes flights to Barbados, from Toronto, and accommodation at the world-class Port Ferdinand Marina and Luxury Residences, if he re-signs with the Raptors.

Freebies for Kawhi

Source: Port Ferdinand Marina and Luxury Residences, Barbados

He has already been offered a $4.7 million luxury penthouse at the Four Seasons, St. Regis or Ritz-Carlton residences, mountain of freebies through the trending ‘Ka’wine & Dine‘ campaign – Toronto offering free food and services, for life, to keep Kawhi in Toronto.  Including Kraft Dinner. If that doesn’t do it, nothing will 😉 .

Freebies for Kawhi


Freebies for Kawhi Leonard – The Reality

Word on the ‘NBA street‘ is that Kawhi wants to play in LA. The Raptors can offer a five-year contract worth $190 million — the max extension possible. Whereas other teams can only offer up to $141 million. However, Kawhi left the Spurs and a $219 million deal for the Raptors, so I am not convinced that money is the motivating factor here.

Freebies for Kawhi Leonard – The Hope

It would not be an overstatement to say that the ‘Kawhi share’ has seen a serious spike with the ascend of the Raptors and their record breaking playoff run. While the two are absolutely interlinked, I hope that his ‘camp’ can appreciate what it would mean for his legacy if he were to stay back and create an empire. It’s one thing to play alongside likes of LeBron James in a legacy team, quite another to be the King of the North. If the passion of its fans and rally of the city around this team is anything to go by, Kawhi and Toronto are the perfect match.

Take Away

Not the usual travel post this, neither is the story (and drama) of a city going all hearts out for its hero. Regardless of how Kawhi or more importantly ‘his camp’,  decides his future, an NBA title for the Raptors franchise maybe the precursor of great things to come.

6ix in 6 🙂 #WeTheNorth



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